MacNevin, Katharine

"Doing" History: Putting Primary Sources to Work

History and Social Studies Teachers; Grades 7 to 12

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Fillon, Nic / Martelli, Dale

An approach to critical thinking: philosophy of all things!


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Paget, Christine / Williams, Erin

Asia Pacific Foundation Teaching Resources for Grad Electives

Asian Studies, 20th C History elective teachers (Secondary History Teachers)

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Ball, Brenda / Lit, Thekla

“Comfort Women” & Violence Against Women in War & Peace - Mini Unit for New Draft 10 -12 BC Curriculum

Teachers of 20th Century History, Law Studies, Genocide Studies, Social Justice, and Asian Studies

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Hardie, Tony

BC History Mobile Museum

K-12 all ages

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Somerwill, George

Canada and UN Peacekeeping: Navigating Through History and Change

Social Studies 10, History 12, Political Studies 11, General Interest and Current Events

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Vandermeer, Craig / Zagar, Danielle

Curricular Resources for Educators: Integrating Global Citizenship and the SDG's

Teachers, Educators, Administration

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Abshire, Joanne / Zagar, Danielle

Developing Humanitarian Thinkers: Exploring Humanitarian Law (EHL)

Teachers in following courses: Social Studies 10, Asian Studies 11, 20th Century History 11, Social Justice 12, Genocide Studies 12, and Law 12

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Thielmann, Glen / Lewis, Rob

Doing Sourcework with Students

Grade 7-12 Social Studies teachers

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Tong, Jean

Empower students to explore their world

Educators who want to use technology in their teaching

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Foreman, Pat

Global Solutions - Critical Inquiry and Problem Solving based Curriculum

Socials Teachers - Secondary

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Barer, Ariana

Inquiry into Injustice: Tracking a Legacy of Colonization

High school teachers, specifically grades 9-12

Friday 1:15 PM - 2:30 PM
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Brumwell, Craig

Integrating The Big Six Historical Thinking Concepts Into Mobile Games and Interactive Stories Through Participatory Design

Middle and Secondary School Teachers

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Moore, Deirdre / Woolf, Angela

Model UN Debate as a Social Studies Strategy

Social Studies 8-10

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Shulman Spaar, Ilona

Primary Voices: Teaching Through Holocaust Survivor Testimony

Teachers of students grades 8 through 12

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McCullough, Jamie

Reconciliation between Indigenous and non-Indigenous youth through participation in reciprocal exchanges.

Grade 7-12

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MacKie, Bob / Hodgson, Tony

The Electoral Reform Referendum and Voting Systems in British Columbia

Grade 10/11 Social Studies Teachers

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Derkson, Jodi

The influence of the media on truth – past and present

Secondary school teachers or district curriculum department administration

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Gann, John

Try Judging / Essayez de Juger

teachers (and student teachers) who are teaching (or about to teach) a course in Law or Civics

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Fox-Povey, Elliot

Using Historical Reasoning to Create Space for Reconciliation and Healing in the Classroom

teachers of social studies, any grade level, interested in re-envisioned approach to supporting reconciliation in their classrooms

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Gibson, Lindsay

Using Visual Timeline Cards to Teach Historical Thinking

Grade 4-12 social studies and history

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Ohana, Annie / Purewal, Steven

When Our Textbooks Are Wrong: Using a Holistic Big Six in the Pursuit of a Diverse Narrative using South Asian Contributions in the World Wars.

Social Studies and Social Sciences Teachers

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Wai, Natalie / McGarry, Sara

Words & Media Matter: Teaching the Japanese Canadian Internment Today

Grades 5-6 // Social Studies 10-12 based on draft curriculum

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