Workshop Proposal

BC Social Studies Teacher’s Conference (ONLINE)

Friday October 22nd 2021


We are inviting Social Studies Teachers and others involved in Social Studies Education to pitch a proposal for presenting a workshop to BC Teachers of Social Studies on October 22nd 2021. Due to the uncertainty of the pandemic the BCTF has opted to keep the October PSA conferences on-line. We had great success with the 2020 virtual conference. If you have ideas for a workshop we would encourage you to submit a proposal.


In this time of physical distancing and isolation we have been struck by the power of narrative when it comes to maintaining healthy social connections and learning. This conference will be focused on how we can use narrative in our teaching of all 'social studies topics'. We have three categories planned: Speaker presenters, Virtual tours and workshops. We will be arranging a variety of guest speakers to present talks on how narrative is such a great teaching tool. We are also looking at place based virtual tours that can be incorporated as learning through narrative. 

We hope that Workshop Presenters will provide sessions on a variety of topics where teachers can either receive materials and lesson plans or collaborate in developing materials and lesson plans for use in their classrooms.

Length & Format

60 minutes using a Zoom account provided by the conference organizers. One time slot per presenter. We hope to maximize the variety and diversity of workshops so we will not be offering repeat sessions.

Criteria & Expectations

We really do appreciate presenters who have presented in the past and who regularly provide quality professional development. We do however need to make space for and encourage first time presenters and workshops that are a 'best-fit' for our conference theme. There are 12 workshop time-slots in the schedule for this conference. Workshop presenters will hopefully be able to provide materials, resources, plans, slide decks, etc. that participants can download and use in their classrooms.

Supports & Incentives

Training and support will be provided by EasyReg Staff via a "presenters" website. Materials and presenter training workshops have been very well received by past presenters. We will also be providing presenters with gift-packages as a "thank-you" for your time and effort in preparing and presenting your workshop. Presenting at the conference will also grant access to the conference keynote and workshops.

The deadline for proposals will be August 7th 2021.

Priority will be given to proposals that can incorporate the curricular competencies and content in the curriculum. 

Information on the BC Social Studies Curriculum can be found here:

Please keep these in mind as you prepare your workshop proposal

  • Do the title and abstract match the presentation description?
  • Do the discipline and primary audience designations correlate with the description?
  • Are the objectives clearly stated?
  • Does the proposal create a clear picture of how the presentation will flow?
  • Are the content and/or skills discussed relevant to the intended audience?
  • Are there opportunities for audience interaction?
  • Can the objectives be met and activities completed in the time and format selected?

Proposals can take a variety of forms including serving as the coordinator of an open round-table for topic of debate or hosting a meeting where interested professionals can collaboratively generate new lessons and materials "unconference” style. We are open to any and all creative proposals. We would like to be clear that workshop presenters at the BCSSTA annual conferences are not provided stipends, however by volunteering to present & facilitate you are actively helping to enrich the professional development of fellow educators, also you will have free admission. 

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