Workshop Proposal

Call for Presenters and Workshop Facilitators

BC Social Studies Teacher’s Conference

October 25th 2019

Request for Proposals:

Our Conference Theme this year is focused on...

Sharing Lands and Reconciling Narratives

We invite enthusiastic workshop presenters to submit proposals for presentations at this conference. We will be looking for proposals that speak to the conference theme while also addressing the common concerns of social studies educators everywhere. Presentations should be no loner than 75 minutes. There will be AM and PM sessions with options to present in one or both sessions.

The deadline for proposals will be July 15th 2019.

Priority will be given to proposals that can incorporate the curricular competencies and content in the new curriculum. 

Information on the Revised Curriculum can be found here:

Please keep these in mind as you prepare your workshop proposal

  • Do the title and abstract match the presentation description?
  • Do the discipline and primary audience designations correlate with the description?
  • Are the objectives clearly stated?
  • Does the proposal create a clear picture of how the presentation will flow?
  • Are the content and/or skills discussed relevant to the intended audience?
  • Are there opportunities for audience interaction?
  • Can the objectives be met and activities completed in the time and format selected?

Proposals can take a variety of forms including serving as the coordinator of an open round-table for topic of debate or hosting a meeting where interested professionals can collaboratively generate new lessons and materials "unconference” style. We are open to any and all creative proposals. We would like to be clear that workshop presenters at the BCSSTA annual conferences are not provided stipends, however by volunteering to present & facilitate you are actively helping to enrich the professional development of fellow educators, also you will have free admission, access to all the proceedings, lunch and a very nice 'thank you' gift package. 

Finally, we ask that you bring any computers, projectors and photocopying you need with you. We have a limited number of projector, speakers etc and may not be able to provide these for you. We can and will make sure you are booked into rooms with screens and internet access if required. If you have handouts / materials you would normally like to have copied, but cannot arrange to copy it in advance; we will be happy to host electronic copies of your materials on our BCSSTA resources website.

If you have questions or concerns please email

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