Ethics Bowl for Classrooms and Student Engagement - Panel

The Ethics Bowl is a collaborative and competitive learning experience centered around dialogue. Together, two teams of students work through different issues, practicing their active listening, critical engagement and dialogue skills.

In this panel, experienced Ethics Bowl coaches will share their experiences preparing their teams for the Ethics Bowl, as well as tips and strategies for incorporating the Ethics Bowl into their classroom and extracurricular activities in order to teach about critical inquiry and dialogue.


Friday 10:50 AM - 12:20 PM
Room EDB 7506

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  • Grant Jamieson

    (he/him) Following a couple of decades experimenting with other vocations, I found my way to a teaching degree in 2009 and I'm privileged to currently teach Indigenous Studies, Social Studies, and Philosophy at Sands Secondary in Delta. 

  • Tanguy Exumé

    (he/him) When I got into the profession, it felt like the right key meeting the lock. I've been locked in for 10 years now. I am honored to learn from my students in French Immersion, Social Studies, and Philosophy classes in Burnaby.

  • Pamela Balikis