Re-Visioning the Earth's Story: Transformative Pedagogies for Well-Being in Challenging Times

The growing distressing evidence of the climate crisis invites a re-thinking of educational approaches to addressing its challenges and complexities.  This 60 minute interactive workshop invites grades 5-10 educators across disciplines who are interested in addressing climate justice in their classrooms to explore approaches and examples designed to nurture meaning, purpose and hope in learners. Educators will be invited to consider a series of guiding principles and practical pedagogical approaches for engaging learners in critical inquiries and action-oriented learning experiences designed to spark a sense of possiblity in learners for tackling difficult realities.

Target Audience

Grades 5-10 teachers


10:20 AM - 11:20 AM

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  • Maria Vamavalis

    Maria Vamvalis brings over twenty years of interdisciplinary and cross-panel teaching experience to her work as a facilitator and curriculum consultant. She has participated in diverse educational projects and been deeply committed to reflexive practices within education. Maria has contributed as a lead writer, overseen the development of an online global citizenship learning platform, conducted action research on mental health and well-being in schools, and implemented engaging approaches to enhancing mathematical thinking in the classroom. Maria has helped educators and leaders in various settings to create dynamic and meaningful learning cultures and experiences. Her work is informed by an extensive background in frameworks for social and environmental justice, as well as her passion for arts-integrated learning. She recently completed studies in truth, reconciliation and Indigenous education as well as professional learning in Parker Palmer's Circles of Trust approach. Maria is currently a doctoral candidate in the department of Curriculum, Teaching and Learning at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education where she is researching the most visionary pedagogies to support learner well-being in the context of the climate crisis.