NO TIME LIKE NOW: Holistic Learning for Global Sustainability

In this informative and interactive workshop, participants will explore how SLC: Student Leadership for Change brings an inquiry approach and First Peoples Principles of Learning to connect personal values with sustainable world views while exploring eco-social issues. Now open-access, and featuring a Climate Action Unit, this resource provides a wealth of material and experiential activities to generate informed class discussions that encourage critical thinking. 39 Action Packs focused on specific sustainability issues each provide an Action Survey to connect the personal satisfaction of taking action with social responsibility. Workshop participants will also share how they are addressing Core Competencies, Big Ideas, and Curricular Content to develop the skills and knowledge students need to build a sustainable future.

To further explore the theme of Sharing Knowledge and Reconciling Narratives, participants will use experiential processes from the Connection module to explore Action Packs such as: Oil, Environmental Justice, Gender Equality, Family Roots, Nature’s Rights. These Action Packs take a holistic approach to learning that address issues of reconciliation, while encouraging students to be reflexive and examine their own values, feelings and influences that shape their world view. This guides learners to consider how they can make other choices to support the wellbeing of the self, the family, the community, and the land.

 Participants will be provided with printed hand-outs and free ‘open access’ to Student Leadership in Change (SLC) on-line resources.  At Be the Change we know it can be challenging to teach evolving topics such as sustainability in a way that doesn’t overwhelm students with “scary” issues or repeat information they have already heard—that’s why we focus on supporting and empowering both students and teachers as they connect, understand, and respond to the environmental and social challenges facing our planet.


Target Audience

Middle and Secondary school teachers


Friday 10:30 AM - 12:00 PM
Room 404

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  • Maureen Jack-LaCroix

    Maureen is the founder of BTCEA, and an SFU PhD candidate in Environmental Education and Social Innovation. She is an inspiring speaker, curriculum designer and environmental educator with 15 years of experience delivering engaging workshops and assemblies to mid- and high-school teachers and students. Maureen co-created the Student Leadership for Change resources and teacher aides with teacher consultants.


  • Claire O'Manique

    Claire O'Manique is the communications and programs coordinator at Be the Change Earth Alliance. She has an M.A in Political Ecology from the University of Victoria. There, she also served as a Teaching Assistant Consultant, where she gained experience facilitating and leading engaging workshops for teaching assistants on creating collaborative, and interactive clasroom environments and on best practices for teaching environmental studies. 

  • Michael Iachetta