\` 2018 BCSSTA Conference - October 19, 2018 - Vancouver, BC

Economics 12 - Thoughts on the New Curriculum

Girls take economics at our school because they find the classes: engaging, tailored to their interests, challenging, and relevant to the world around them. The workshop will revolve around activities and resources they have found helpful to their learning.

This session will focus on a selection of instructional strategies and activities employed in an all girls’ school (we offer four blocks of Economics 12 next year). These strategies and activities provide a framework for teaching that has proven both popular and highly effective in generating engagement, understanding, and participation.

Unit 1 - Economic Basics

Big Idea - The implementation of economic theories has profound effects on social and political decision making and movements.

Curricular competencies - Use Social Studies inquiry processes and skills to ask questions; gather, interpret, and analyze ideas; and communicate findings and decisions.

Explain different perspectives on past and present social and economic systems by considering prevailing norms, values, worldviews, and beliefs.

Content - Behavioural economics:

  • Role of heuristics and other cognitive biases in economic decision making

  • Inefficiency in markets due to irrational decision making

Unit 2 - Economic Structures Pre-Classics

Unit 3 - Markets & Demand and Supply

Unit 4 - Globalization and Protectionism

Unit 5 - Production, Firms, and the Market

Unit 6 - Labour Economics

Unit 7 - An Introduction to Macroeconomics

Unit 8 - The Business Cycle and Fiscal Policy

Unit 9 - Money, Banking, and Monetary Policy

Unit 10 - International Economic Issues

Unit 11 - Role of  Government



Target Audience

Teachers of Economics 12


1:15 PM - 2:45 PM
Room 415

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  • Randy Matheson

    Randy has been at Crofton House School for 10 years and teaching 40 years this spring. He has been involved in a number of activities. He believes that teaching should be dramatically unforgettable. He is fascinated by the interaction of economics, history, and geopolitics of the world we live in. Students should enjoy the opportunity to think on their feet and apply economic values to the real world.