Bringing Students to the Front Lines: The Ethics of Student Travel in the Global South

In this workshop, we'll explore the ethics of student travel in the Global South in a 21st century context. From major organizations, both non-profit and for-profit, to small NGOs, the growth of volunteer tourism and the student travel sector over the past decade has been exponential. Throughout this engaging workshop, we will dive into intentionality and outcomes, examining whether service learning in a complex North-South power system is acheiving the intended outcomes, or is glossing over complex issues in international development. Collectively, we will assess whether volunteer tourism in it's current format is in line with global citizenship pedagogy, looking at alternative models and opportunities for ethical engagement.

Travelling abroad can be an amazing experience for students, but, with the abundant research and evidence available regarding impact, it's time to start challenging the status quo towards student travel in the global south.  By developing more robust programming, we believe educators can enable students to take sustainable nad ethical action while incorporating complex critical thinking. 

Target Audience

Teachers (High school), Administrators, Travelers


Friday 1:15 PM - 2:45 PM
Room 407

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  • Mercedes Fenyo

    Mercedes is a former educator and student citizenship coordinator at Bodwell High School. Mercedes developed student programming centered around engagement, developing extra-curricular leadership programming through a unique parliamentary system for students living on-site. At Bodwell, Mercedes lead the charge towards adopting international learning and programming that challenged existing norms, developing programming that prioritized both the student and host community outcomes.

  • Dana Fallis