Where Do We Grow From Here? Hands-on Human Geography

The story of how humans have settled and altered the planet encompasses many disciplines, but it is also an essential story to understanding human geography. Our eight-fold growth in just two centuries has left indelible marks on the planet’s landscape. Our agricultural footprint, industrial footprint and growing urbanization and deforestation have changed ecosystems and the atmosphere. As our global family continues to grow and gain affluence, what will be the future for this human-made landscape?

In this interactive session, the presenters will share activities that address the connections between population, resource use and land use. Topics to be covered include agricultural expansion and potential limits, resource extraction, pollution and habit loss. Activity formats include simulations, role-playing and games of strategy. The presented activities are designed to work with different learning styles. Participants will receive lesson plans and background readings in an electronic format.

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1:30 PM - 2:30 PM

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  • Rafael Woldeab