\` 2018 BCSSTA Conference - October 19, 2018 - Vancouver, BC

Hate is on the Rise: Social media, Fake News, and Combating Intolerance


The average teenager checks their phone 95 times a day to read news from social feeds, friends, and questionable sources. The ‘facts’ they take in can be entirely fictional or biased toward an intolerance for humanity and its differences. A democratic society, comprised of global citizens, includes forming opinions based on a healthy and open curiosity about other cultures. Yet, hate in BC is on the rise as white supremacist groups target young people online, increasing their numbers and compromising our democracy and human rights. In this workshop, we’ll investigate the current trend toward hate and divisiveness and will use Voices into Action, a free online humanities resource to delve deeper into the topic. Plus, we’ll investigate online trends, social media influences, fake news, and develop fact-seeking research competencies. We’ll align with the new curriculum by facilitating disciplinary thinking skills through inquiry and research practices on highly topical issues influencing the Canadian cultural fabric.


Target Audience

Secondary Humanities educators, administrators, counsellors, district personell


10:30 AM - 12:00 PM
Room 406

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  • Jodi Derkson

    Jodi is a BC Certified teacher, with over twenty years of professional teaching and facilitation experience. She has always broached topics of discrimination, racism, and bullying with her students and hasn’t lost her drive to really make a difference.  Jodi is very proud to be working for FAST to support education in BC with resources which foster inclusion. Jodi is also the founder of Imperative Education which offers workshops for educators and students on mindfulness, bullying, and social emotional intelligence.