Speaker Series - Jeff McLaughlin - How stories can lead to conversations which can lead to greater engagement.

Once upon a time we met face to face at conferences. What is it that we are currently missing by not being in the same rooms with each other? I suspect it may also be the one part that was missing when we were all teaching online: having natural conversations and instantaneous discussions. Sharing good stories and good story telling can foster those conversations and discussions. And in turn, these can help develop critical thinking skills, generate new knowledge, and foster the development of a caring, educated community.


I will tell a few stories (some funny, some sad) about the people I have met or worked with and even Zoomed with as an ethicist.  There’s the comic book creators who were celebrated and the ones who should have been as well. There’s the D-Day vets who talked about who the real heroes were on those infamous beaches across from where we drank until dawn, and the others who didn’t say a word… There’s the 104 year old Holocaust survivor who taught me to ‘not worry so much’ and the one who did so much good for his adopted home country but whose own sense of self-worth was destroyed by an untenable promise he swore to keep.


I will discuss how getting to know a bit ‘behind the scenes’ leads to students feeling more confident, safe and engaged while learning. 


12:20 PM - 1:20 PM

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  • Jeff McLaughlin