Philosophy for Children (P4C): Is this really what schools need?

P4C is one of the few 20th century educational innovations that is still alive and kicking in the 21st century. It helps develop philosophical dispositions and skills that make for better thinking and learning in school and beyond. This presentation will show what its basic practice looks like, and how it can be extended into good teaching practice at all levels and in every subject. A “P4C Foundations” 12-hour on-line course, usually spread over 6 sessions, is also available, as are other courses, such as one on “Thinking Moves.”


Friday 10:50 AM - 12:20 PM

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  • Roger Sutcliffe

    Roger Sutcliffe studied Philosophy at Oxford, trained in Philosophy for Children (P4C) with Matthew Lipman, and subsequently co-founded SAPERE, a UK charity that promotes P4C. He is also the co-founder of, an organization that offers P4C and thinking courses around the world.