Tug of Logic: A Web App for Philosophy Sports

This workshop will demonstrate Tug of Logic, a web app, developed as infrastructure for civil discourse, or social deliberation, involving participant voting on individual revisable premises that collectively establish persuasive logical argument, or reveal points of deep disensus. Participants work together to construct arguments for and/or against controversial claims, revising the wording of premises to garner support, but win the game only by changing sides in the main debate. A boardgame version is also available for unconnected classrooms.

Target Audience

Secondary school teachers


Friday 1:30 PM - 3:00 PM
Room EDB 7600

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  • Douglas College
    Michael Picard

    Michael Picard holds an MSc and a PhD in philosophy from MIT. He has taught cognitive science, psychology, management, leadership, philosophy and sustainability. Now he teaches philosophy at Douglas College in Vancouver, Canada. Picard founded Café Philosophy in Victoria, Canada, facilitating it weekly for twelve years; he remains a facilitator with SFU's Philosophers' Café program. He is also creator of Philosophy Sports, including the board game, Tug of Logic, now an app. Picard is author of How to Play Philosophy and This is Not a Book, as well as co-author of Paradoxes: From Illusions to Infinity. His translations of two books by Gerd Achenbach, Philosophical Praxis and On Right in Wrong, are forthcoming under Hamilton at Rowman & Littlefield. His own philosophical praxis is found at www.philosophical-coaching.com.