Diversifying the Development Narrative: Teaching the UN Sustainable Development Goals through gamification and community-engaged learning

At Insight Global Education, storytelling is at the heart of what we do. We foster global citizenship in youth through in-school, community-based and international experiential education. We believe that in order to begin making change in the world, you must first understand it’s intricacies. Through simulation and game-based curriculum, relationship building opportunities, and meaningful community experiences, we believe that the power of story can shape future leaders.

This workshop will first highlight the two key ways that Insight has made experiential sustainable development education more accessible to teachers; through game-based curriculum and community-engaged learning. We will then explore the power of diverse narratives, community connection and gamification as tools to teach complex concepts like climate justice, and social inequality. 

Workshop attendees will take part in an immersive, virtually compatible exercise to showcase how gamification can bring social justice learning to life with storytelling and empathy. We will also review how educators can engage community based organizations here in Metro Vancouver, allowing them to contextualize local social issues for their students. 

All attendees will take home a number of fully comprehensive game-based lesson plans from our sustainable development curriculum, complete with slide decks, worksheets, and other resource materials. 

Target Audience

All teachers interested in teaching sustainable development and social justice.


1:30 PM - 2:30 PM

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  • Craig Vandermeer

    Craig Vandermeer is the Director and Founder of Insight Global Education. While Obtaining his Master's degree in International Studies, Craig moved to Uganda to conduct research. After spending 5+ years in sub-saharan Africa, and having witnessed countless poorly designed education abroad programs, Craig decided to take action. Craig founded Insight in 2013 with the goal to create educational travel programs rooted in experience-based learning. Craig has extensive international development experience, and a passion for educating youth on important global topics.