12 New & Dynamic Digital Media resources from the National Film Board of Canada: Documentary, Animation & Interactive productions that support BC’s new Social Studies curriculum.

The National Film Board of Canada is celebrating 80 years as Canada’s preeminent storyteller and trusted resource for issues related to social justice, Indigenous Reconciliation, Canadian Studies and stories from traditionally under-represented voices. In this workshop participants will explore a selection of curated clips and live streams that will introduce 12 new and engaging NFB productions intended for middle and secondary classrooms. Participants will learn how each resource helps students to contextualize the big ideas that anchor BC’s new Social Studies curriculum and how the NFB collection supports new provincial curricular competencies.

This session will screen highlights from recent NFB documentaries which help to enhance the world view of learners through stories of Indigenous activism, colonial legacies, political philosophies, changing democracies and films that show the tension between environmental sustainability and economic prosperity. This session will also explore the NFB’s new offer of digital, interactive productions which leverage new technologies to deliver an inquiry-based experience for students. Participants will learn about digital resources that explore marine habitats using VR, and resources that animate BC’s Japanese internment history through augmented reality. The workshop will share new works that complicate gender and promote LGBTQ inclusion, as well as interactive resources that problematize Canada’s constitution, and works that highlight immigration and celebrate Canadian multiculturalism.

Workshop participants will learn how to curate and build their own sharable NFB playlist and they will be provided with a special sneak-preview of the NFB’s new Digital Storytelling co-creation tool, launching later this Fall.


Additional, or Alternative workshop ideas as discussed with the BCSSTA Executive

Film Screening, suggested titles:


A Virtual Reality Station featuring Biidaaban:

Target Audience

Teachers, Secondary & Middle Schools


Friday 10:30 AM - 12:00 PM
Room 406

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Friday 1:15 PM - 2:45 PM
Room 406

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  • Ross Johnstone

    Ross Johnstone – Bio

    National Film Board of Canada. Business Development and Audience Engagement Manger, Education Markets. Western Canada.

    Ross Johnstone is the NFB’s Education Business Development and Audience Engagement Manager for Western Canada. His experience is in designing multi media educational programming and resources that promote diversity, inclusion and global citizenship. With more than 15 years experience in media-arts education, Ross has been a strong advocate for working to develop critical thinking skills amongst learners and for leveraging film as the means to inspire youth to become positive change-makers in their schools and communities.