Biochemical Warfare and Human Experimentation Mini Unit for New 10-12 BC Social Studies Curriculum

Workshop participants will learn about the issue of Biochemical Warfare & Human Experimentation and look at these issues through colonial, military, state, race, class and gender lenses. This is a take-away package - for free! - of extensive materials. 


This teaching and learning unit about Biochemical Warfare and Human Experimentation is intended to be flexible and adaptable across curricula. The unit could be taught in the new BC curriculum courses 20th Century History, Genocide Studies, Social Justice, Law Studies, or Asian Studies.  Because of the mature content of much of the information as well as many of the primary source documents and images that will be accessed during activities, this unit is intended to be taught to students in Grades 10,11, or 12. Thus this workshop is best suited to Senior Secondary teachers. 


Curricular competencies that are touched on in the activity are explicitly stated. These are not exhaustive, but instead offer what specific historical thinking skill is practiced in that particular activity. Additionally, BC core competencies are practiced in this mini-unit.


During the workshop, teachers will practice some of the historical thinking skills that they will then use when teaching the unit. This audience interaction simulates how the unit can be taught.


At the end of the workshop, you will receive the full prezi and the accompanying script with attachments and assessments.

Target Audience

Grade 10-12 educators; Department Heads


Friday 10:30 AM - 12:00 PM
Room 400

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  • Brenda Ball

    Brenda Ball has been an educator and curriculum developer for over 25 years, in both public and independent schools, and both locally and overseas. Her focus is student engagement, and cultivating curiosity so that students take ownership over their learning and become active citizens. Other educational interests include curriculum innovation, technology integration & multimedia learning, and global citizenship. Brenda has worked with Harvard’s Project Zero team to pilot visible thinking curriculum materials for their Out of Eden Learn Project. Brenda was previously the Chairperson of the BC Social Studies Teachers Association Conference and served as a curriculum developer for the new BC Social Studies K - 12 program. She has most recently been involved in developing inquiry-based materials related to the modernized BC curriculum and the historical thinking skills for Nelson Education Canada, as well as for BC Alpha.

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