\` 2018 BCSSTA Conference - October 19, 2018 - Vancouver, BC

Bringing Students to the Front Lines: Ethical Local and Global Opportunities for Students and Teachers

The new BC curriculum has a multitude of global themes embedded into course content. From genocide students to human geography, socials teachers are being asked to engage with increasingly diverse and critical content. One industry that has remained fairly stagnant however, is the global student travel space. This critical workshop will look at modern student travel, using a social justice and global citizenship lens. We will discuss with teachers what questions to ask, how to make sure your travel is in keeping with the UN's Leave No Trace principles, and the ethics and morality behind north-south mobility programming. This workshop is ideal for any teachers who are keen to explore the world, be it alone, with students, or otherwise. 

Participants will leave this workshop better understanding impact, while recognizing how global engagement looks today. The lessons learned can be translated directly into the classroom, while also implemented at home and abroad.

This workshop will be a blended presentation with experiential activity, well-suited for a classroom space.

Target Audience

Secondary and Primary Socials, Teachers Interested in Global Issues/Citizenship


10:30 AM - 12:00 PM
Room 408

This session is full.


  • Craig Vandermeer

    Craig has an MA in International Studies from SFU, and a BA from Carleton in International Relations. Having lived and worked in Uganda on and off since 2010, he's developed a detailed understanding of many of the complexities and intricacies of international development, global social justice, and more. In 2013, Craig launched Insight Global Education, an organization dedicated to deconstructing myths and stereotypes about the developing world. Today, Craig can be found either in Vancouver, with the Insight team, or abroad running intensive programming for university or high school students, or educators.


  • Mercedes Fenyo

    Ms. Fenyo is the current Coordinator of Student Citizenship at Bodwell Highschool in North Vancouver. Having transitioned into the position only two years ago, Mercedes has been able to successfuly lead a complete overhaul of the student parliament (resulting in an extremely engaged leaders), introduced numerous social justice causes into the school, and has been able to engage a wide audience of both global and local learners. One of her more unique accomplishments is the success of her socially themed in-school rap club, which works with students to explore expression through one of the 20th and 21st centuries most compelling and controversial mediums.