“BC History: The Voice of Working People”

This Zoom based workshop will provide an overview of classroom and on-line learning resources that will help the teacher guide their students through some key moments in the development of British Columbia from the 19th into the 20th Century. The lesson materials reflect the learning standards, curriculum competencies and content of the current Social Studies curriculum.

The materials are in multiple formats. Print documents are ready for use and can be easily modified by the teacher to meet particular curricular and student needs. The lessons incorporate a wide variety of photographic and other primary/secondary documents. Many of the lessons utilize short videos from the Working People: A History of British Columbia series. Recent lessons have been developed around the role of Indigenous peoples and the translation of lessons into French is underway. The materials are freely available through the Labour Heritage Centre website and the TeachBC portal.

Target Audience

Secondary Social Studies teachers

To Bring/Important Notes

Hello everyone!  We are looking forward to sharing our work on the Labour History Project  with you on Friday. Somethings to consider when joining the session on Friday. 

1.  I will be using some video files in the presentation; to maximize their quality a strong WiFi connection will make your session more enjoyable. Turning off your own video will help to improve the streaming process. I find an Ethernet connection works the best and provides the most stable viewing of a Zoom meeting.

2.  I will be uploading some pre-workshop files on Thursday. You may want to print these in advance of our session or have a 2nd device like a tablet to view them on during the presentation. 

3.  We currently have 60 participants registered and I have added an addtional co-host to help with the questions that might arise during the session.  I encourage you to ask questions in the chat feature and any questions we don't get to answer in the session we will do our best to follow-up with you after the session.

See you on Friday!


W15 1:30 PM - 2:30 PM

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  • Wayne Axford

    Wayne Axford is a retired Social Studies teacher and Department Head from the Burnaby School District and occasionally explores TTOC’ing to keep himself active in the changing world of BC’s education climate.  He is an education consultant with the Labour Heritage Centre.

  • John DeCaire
  • Al Cornes