Intellectual Humility

Workshop on intellectual humility - its general practical value and role in learning and education.  Key ideas: self-reflective thinking, capacity for self-correction, recognition of fallibility, open-mindedness, accurate self-assessments of knowledge and reasoning abilities, and avoiding overconfidence, dogmatic thinking, and blocking inquiry.

Target Audience

Secondary school teachers


Friday 1:30 PM - 3:00 PM
Room EDB 7610

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  • Capilano University
    Michael Fleming

    Michael Fleming (PhD, University of British Columbia, 1999) has a broad range of interests in contemporary Analytic Philosophy. He maintains his interest from his PhD research into the intersection between the Philosophy of Language and the Philosophy of Mind as well as the History of Analytic Philosophy.  He has also developed interests in many other areas related to the general teaching needs of his department, most recently in the Philosophy of Science and the Ethics of War and Peace.  Further, in teaching he aims to inculcate in students the intellectual attitude of humility about their beliefs, understanding, and judgements.