CTRL-F: Simple Verification Skills for a Complex Information Environment

Determining what information to trust is challenging for anyone — these simple digital
literacy strategies can help.

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We recommend using a laptop/desktop instead of a phone or tablet if possible. Thank you. 


W14 12:20 PM - 1:20 PM

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    Dimitri Pavlounis

    Dimitri Pavlounis is the Digital Literacy Project Manager at CIVIX, where he contributes to the organization’s information literacy initiative by conducting research and creating educational resources that facilitate teacher instruction around topics ranging from social media algorithms and the spread of online disinformation to digital verification skills. Prior to joining CIVIX, he received his PhD in Media Studies from the University of Michigan and taught numerous courses in media studies at colleges and universities in the U.S.


    Jessica Johnston

    Jessica Johnston is Director of News Literacy Programming at CIVIX, a charity dedicated to building the habits of citizenship among youth under the voting age. Over the past three years, Jessica has overseen the development and implementation of tools and resources designed to help students evaluate the information they see online. Before making the transition to education, Jessica spent 15 years in journalism as a newspaper and magazine editor. She holds degrees in journalism and communication.