\` 2018 BCSSTA Conference - October 19, 2018 - Vancouver, BC

People make choices. Choices make History: Engaging Students in Choosing to Participate

In this workshop, participants will learn a new way to structure the curriculum, and discover engaging classroom resources and strategies, to help students connect history to their own lives and the choices they make. Through engaging content and teaching strategies, we will examine the choices individuals made in moments of injustice in history; as we do so, we consider the consequences of action, and of inaction.  We will conclude by considering examples of individuals and groups who have chosen to speak out or take action to help bring about a more compassionate, humane and just world. These stories encourage us to think about the ways we can participate as caring, thoughtful citizens in the world around us, and they help us reflect on the values and actions that will strengthen our communities rather than make them more fragile. 

Although this workshop will focus on one particular historical case study during this workshop, participants will be introduced to the range of free, downloadable/streamed resources that Facing History and Ourselves has to support teachers who are teaching the newly revised social studies curriculum.

Target Audience

History, Social Science, Equity/Social Justice and Genocide Studies middle and secondary school teachers


10:30 AM - 12:00 PM
Room 308

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  • Jasmine Wong

    Jasmine Wong is a Senior Program Associate with Facing History and Ourselves’  Canadian office.  Since 2010, she has designed and facilitated workshops all across Canada for middle and high school educators, and worked to connect educators to inspiring ideas, practical resources, relevant new scholarship, and unforgettable student learning opportunities through Facing History and Ourselves. Prior to joining Facing History, Jasmine was a classroom teacher, an adult education facilitator (and a research scientist in cancer epidemiology!).  She received her MA at Stanford University School of Education and her B Ed from the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education at the University of Toronto.  She is passionate about the role of education in changing lives - and the world - for the better.