The Anthropocene Education Program: exploring the human-environment relationship through technology and art

As a result of increased human pressures on Earth’s natural systems, a coalition of scientists has suggested that a new geological epoch, the Anthropocene, has begun. The Anthropocene Education Program, developed by Canadian Geographic Education and The Anthropocene Project, presents an opportunity for students to learn the history and science behind the Anthropocene, and understand just how much, and in what ways, humans are collectively changing Planet Earth. This interactive workshop will guide teachers through a series of educational activities, short films, interactive photography, augmented and virtual reality experiences, and more, that have been created for in-classroom and virtual use. Participants will be given opportunities to test out some of the resources and will learn how to book a free classroom kit. This set of resources can be used cross-curricularly, covering topics found in geography, social studies, language and arts programs, and incorporate competencies such as geo-inquiry, human and natural perspectives, and patterns of change.

Target Audience

Grade 4-12 teachers


W12 12:20 PM - 1:20 PM

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  • Desiree Archer

    Desiree is a program coordinator for Canadian Geographic Education, working on the design and delivery of hands-on learning opportunities and professional development workshops for students and teachers. Desiree was previously a high school biology and chemistry teacher, and completed her B.ScH at Trent University and her B.Ed at Queen’s University.