Genealogy Research in the Socials Studies Classroom

In speaking to this year’s conference theme, Sharing Lands and Reconciling Narratives, consider your class, a rich medley of cultural diversity. We all came from somewhere in the world, and yet here we are, talking to one another.

Genealogy research is a compelling tool of relevance for students. I start with what I know personally, and work an historical thread backwards in time, for evidence. In this hands-on workshop we will model this process, and discuss applications for it in our own classrooms. This tool can be used in most BC Socials Studies courses simply because the economic, political, social, geographical, and historical saga we teach - has conspired to bring these kids (and us) into our school rooms today.

Students start with what they can glean from family memories and we send them on an online journey to the superb online collections of Canadian and World Memory Institutions and dedicated genealogy sites.

Online support for participants (and others) will include:

  • A specially created website: A vast library of professionally chosen resources (maps, biographies, books, databases, audio, video etc.
  • Downloadable lesson templates
  • Assessment tools



Target Audience

Secondary Teachers


Friday 1:15 PM - 2:45 PM
Room Library computer lab

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  • Judith Comfort

    Judith Comfort is a award-winning retired teacher-librarian who worked closely with Social Studies teachers in Coquitlam #43 for eighteen years. She delivered dozens of workshops to teachers around the Province, providing the best professionally vetted online resources within the themes of critical thinking, digital and media literacy. A keen geneologist, and self-admitted watcher of, far too much news, she believes that Canadian Social Studies teachers make all the difference. Bravo to you!