Voting Rights through Time: An Inquiry

How inclusive is our democracy? That is the inquiry question students discuss in Voting Rights Through Time a free, hands-on resource from Elections Canada. In this workshop, you will participate in the student activity to understand this innovative, inquiry-based approach to voting history. You will learn about voting rights since 1867 through discussion of historical case studies, including First Nations Peoples, Inuit, Japanese-Canadians, women and youth. In the activity, students read aloud event cards describing historical events, and decide together where to place events on a timeline and an inclusion to exclusion scale. This lesson is available in English and in French, and a language learner version. Voting Rights through Time can help you meet your learning goals in Social Studies, History, Law, BC First Peoples and more. 

Target Audience

Secondary school teachers


Friday 10:50 AM - 12:20 PM
Room EDB 8620.2

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  • Elections Canada
    Camille Blanchard-Séguin

    Camille Blanchard-Séguin is an outreach officer in the Civic Education team at Elections Canada. She’s an Ontario Certified Teacher, and holds a Master of Arts in Education from the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education. She has over five years of experience with public education programs and regularly facilitates professional development activities for teachers.