2017 BCSSTA Conference

October 20, 2017

Panel Discussion

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Making History: Perspectives on Historical Thinking The Revised Social Studies Curriculum

With the impending full implementation of the revised K-12 Social Studies Curriculum, the BCSSTA has shaped this year’s annual Professional Development Conference around supporting these changes with ideas, debates, and resources.    

In order to foster a deeper understanding of the Curricular Competencies, including both critiques and advantages of this structure, the BCSSTA has organized the Conference differently than in previous years. Instead of a singular keynote address we have chosen to present a panel discussion / debate on the ‘Big Six’ Historical Thinking Concepts. It is hoped that the ensuing debate will shed light into how history is done from a variety of perspectives and practices.

Gwynne Dyer



Gwynne Dyer is an historian and independent journalist, has published several books and has had his articles widely syndicated for many years.



Fabio López Lázaro

Fabio López Lázaro is an associate professor at the University of Hawaii. Since 2013 he has been the Editor-in-chief of the Journal of World History and Director of the University's Centre for Research in World History. Prof. López Lázaro's research investigates archival evidence for the medieval and early modern maritime, commercial, and imperial connections between the Mediterranean, northern Europe, and the world. The focus of his most recent book and articles has been the analysis of how the close relationships between seventeenth-century capitalists, empire-builders, and maritime predators ("pirates" and "privateers") were instrumental to the creation of the world's network of modern states and corporations.

Mark Leier

Mark Leier is an award winning Labour Historian at Simon Fraser University. His research interests include: the history of anarchism, labour, and contemporary issues. He has written on the IWW, labour bureaucracy, a labour spy, and the anarchist Michael Bakunin to study popular movements and ideas on the left.

Roxanne Panchasi


Roxanne Panchasi is an award-winning associate professor of History at Simon Fraser University. Her areas of interest cover a wide range of cultural objects and moments from the French past. Her early research included subjects as diverse as the emergent science of handwriting analysis in nineteenth-century France and the "uncanny" rehabilitation of wounded soldiers during and after World War I. She teaches a range of subjects at the undergraduate and graduate levels including courses on modern Europe, modern France, and historical methods. She also regularly teaches in the Honours program in History.



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